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This programme delivers an extensive and in-depth learning experience, enabling you to master multiple tools and techniques to successfully manage real world projects and situations.

A 5-month, CPD-certified programme of interactive webinars, mentoring sessions and coaching through real life scenarios

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Who is this course for?

The Mastery programme is for those who truly want to master their skill set in project management. So if you are an experienced project professional, have a growth mindset, are curious in your approach and are willing to go on an intensive transformational journey, then this course is for you!


Why should I attend?

Past delegates have quoted the course as being life changing, a paradigm shift bringing incredible clarity to any given situation. Mastery participants learn what to use, when and how to for best effect:

  • Your thinking and language will change
  • You will have confidence and be empowered to manage your teams better
  • You will gain a far greater understanding of the project, its scope, “The Big Why” and be able to demonstrate a visible step change in your levels of professional maturity
  • You will learn the ability to command the project more effectively; look “inside-out” and “outside-in” almost simultaneously, engage with the wider business beyond the project team itself and inspire the organisation as a whole to take ultimate ownership of the goal

All of which leads to greater success in the delivery of the required transition or project.


What will I get out of it?

  • Delegates that have successfully completed the Mastery Programme have people skills and leadership techniques fully embedded in to everything they do and in their approach to managing projects along with an expansive tool set to support them
  • Participants go on a journey of personal development and empowerment, that starts with the “Big Why” and then focusses in on mastering the “how” and the “who
  • ExtraordinaryPM does not show you how to run projects, it teaches you how to live and breathe them
  • The ExtraordinaryPM Mastery programme is an accredited CPD course and has been certified as 35 points under this scheme
  • For each delegate, the journey will be different, relevant and unique
  • Participants engage in group mentoring and are encouraged to put their learnings in practice immediately, applying tools and techniques in real time within their respective work places. As part of this, you will collectively discuss approaches and possible outcomes, sharing results and supporting each other as a community
  • All those who successfully complete the ExtraordinaryPM Mastery Programme, are invited to join our growing Alumni community. Every year we host ten live webinars exclusively for our Alumni, in which we explore a range of exciting topics and themes, and offer support to members of the community


How does it work?

The ExtraordinaryPM Mastery Programme is delivered through a series of experiential learning, group mentoring and interactive sessions. The Mastery Programme also allows for the coaching of individuals through real life scenarios, uses experiential and applied learning techniques, encourages everyone to remain constantly curious and share these learnings with others. Places are limited on the Mastery Programme and therefore awarded on an application only basis.


What does it cost?

£2,200 (+ VAT) for the full interactive course and mentoring experience.


When does it run?

The next programme is scheduled to start October 2022, with subsequent courses planned in the new year. Applications for the October programme are now open. Enroll now >>



If you have any questions, or to book a course, please contact us.


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