A fresh perspective

Are you a project or programme manager? Do you find yourself struggling with limited resources, people working to different agendas or resistance to change? Do you worry about finding your next role or surviving the next budget review?

You’ve come to the right place.

At ExtraordinaryPM we know that it’s people who deliver projects, and that if you want to be truly effective, having a good understanding of project management methodologies just isn’t enough.

Our programmes are designed to help you become an ‘ExtraordinaryPM’, by giving you the essential people and leadership skills you need to thrive in the world of project management.

In this unique series of workshops, webinars and mentoring sessions you’ll learn:

  • how to engage with, lead and inspire those around you with ease
  • how to manage stress, know yourself better, and elevate your performance
  • how to excel in your career and be recognised for your work

With the right tools and skill set, there really is no end to what you can achieve.

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Your journey to extraordinary

Every person’s experience of ExtraordinaryPM is different, but you can expect to be challenged, stretched beyond your comfort zone, and taken to new personal and professional heights – with constant support and guidance along the way.

Whilst each step of the programme builds on the previous, you can dip in at any point.


A series of new insights outlining ExtraordinaryPM’s approach to project management excellence via a mix of webinars, lunchtime conversations & newsletter articles.

Constant source of new and updated ideas and information.

Learn new tips that you can put into action immediately.

Connect and engage with project management experts

Free and open to all


Our Bitesize options are designed to help guide you through the next stage of your Project Management journey.

These include mentoring support for ChPP application process and interim level training and development that investigates some of the real-life challenges we all face when delivering projects


This programme delivers an extensive and in-depth learning experience, enabling you to master multiple tools and techniques to successfully manage real world projects and situations.

A 5-month, CPD-certified programme of interactive webinars, mentoring sessions and coaching through real life scenarios

A fully immersive programme that will take you all the way to project and programme excellence.

This course does not show you how to run projects; it teaches you how to live and breathe them.

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Who is it for?

ExtraordinaryPM is for anyone who wants to develop the skills they need to deliver successful projects. It really is as simple as that! The tools and techniques we teach aren’t specific to any industry, function or type of project, and – as we know people skills are essential at any level – it doesn’t matter how advanced you are in your career either.

ExtraordinaryPM is for…

  • All levels of programme managers and project professionals
  • Project managers (at any level) looking to develop or enhance their skills
  • Non-project managers whose day-to-day work involves delivering projects
  • Technical experts looking to move into project management
  • Business people in any area who are looking to improve their leadership skills
  • Project Sponsors / Senior Stakeholders / Transformational Directors
  • CEOs / CFOs

Please note, the Mastery Programme is not suitable for complete beginners, as this course is designed specifically to build upon a level of existing knowledge and project management skills.

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Individual Packages

Anyone can sign up for ExtraordinaryPM as an individual. Simply decide which Extraordinary journey you want to take – Insights, Bitesize or Mastery – fill out the appropriate contact form and we’ll get back to you directly with dates, next steps and more details.

“I unreservedly recommend ExtraordinaryPM to all Project, Programme and Executive Managers looking for that something extra to transform delivery within their organisations.”
– Stewart Adamson, Project manager


Corporate Offerings

We offer corporate clients a bespoke package of ExtraordinaryPM programmes, tailored to your business’ needs.

This includes facilitating workshops either in-house or online, with a focus on your specific brief and requirements. These can be delivered in the form of 1-day sessions or – in the case of more involved team development programmes – 1:1 mentoring sessions for participants.

“Having several members of my team who have completed their ExtraordinaryPM journey now, I have personally seen the impact on these individuals’ personal growth and professional maturity.”
– Amanda Hamilton, CIO

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Timing & Pricing

Our courses are all designed with busy project managers and business people in mind, therefore they usually run outside standard working hours.

The Insights Munchtime Muse sessions take place on Friday lunchtimes.  The Extraordinary Perspective is published twice a month.

Cost: Sign up to both activities is free of charge.

The Bitesize ChPP Mentoring sessions run on a Thursday evening in conjunction with the APM submission dates over a 9 week course. Our Bitesize Learning Series (launching Spring 2022) consists of six sessions per package. Each package is scheduled fortnightly, over a two month period.

Cost: ChPP mentoring programme: £750 incl. VAT.  Single Bitesize series sessions: £96 incl. VAT. Full package (six sessions): £480 incl. VAT (£80 / per session).

The Mastery Programme is delivered over five months, enabling participants to experiment with the tools and techniques discussed, and to share and learn from each other’s experience along the way.

Cost: £2,400 incl. VAT for the full interactive course and mentoring experience.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

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