Project Management Un-Packed

Do you want to know more about Project Management?

… or be a great project sponsor?

… or understand some of the tools and techniques?

… or demystify the language and jargon of the project world?

This one day seminar will unfold the ‘mysteries’ of project management through a mixture of teaching and practical exercises led Marion Thomas and Sarah Walton of Extraordinary Project Management.

This one-day course starts at 10.00am and finishes at 5.00pm. It is run as a public course and we and also run it in the corporate environment. Please contact us using the form below to find out when the next course will be run.

The day is designed to be informative and fun and to help those who are curious about project management, or those who sit on the periphery of projects, or who manage teams of project managers but have not managed a project themselves.

We will start right at the beginning and build from there.

Refreshments will be provided on arrival, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon, and there will be a delicious lunch provided too.

Click here to download the brochure: download brochure


“Project Management Un-Packed is a great introductory course to project management. Marion and Sarah explained the basic principles in a fun and refreshing way, getting me to think of ways these skills could be used in all aspects of me life. The course was easy to follow and the booklet gives me a reference to remind me of tools I can use in the future. A great overview I would recommend to anyone looking to start a career in project management or someone starting a large personal project they wish to keep on track.”

Sophie Evans, Barclays


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