At the heart of the ExtraordinaryPM’s ethos is a genuine desire, commitment and passion for continued learning and personal development.

We fiercely believe that this growth does not just come in the form of text books and sitting exams but in always being open and willing to seek new ideas, approaches and perspectives.

This section of the ExtraordinaryPM website is dedicated to just that.

We have carefully collated a selection of thought provers, articles, insights, observations and opinions for you to peruse and gain insight, intrigue and inspiration from.

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Disagreement can breed creativity. Don’t be afraid to rise to the challenge.

A mutually beneficial partnership is crucial to the success of a project .

Top tips on making the right connections that will help your project fly.

Dealing with difficult people requires positivity and a strategic approach.

Five tips for creating meetings with extra purpose and energy.

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“Having the 5T’s Framework has enabled me to view and respect a project’s complexity, but not see it as complicated. It’s so versatile in its use, and that’s what makes it extraordinary. The integration of it is the ultimate application of learning. ”

Karen Roswell, Photographer and Project Manager