For Ambitious Project Managers

How to be EXTRAORDINARY in 2020 and get the results, projects or promotion you want


MONDAY 2nd MARCH at 8:00pm

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If your resolutions or intentions for this year include advancing your career as a project manager we want to help you.

Perhaps you are looking for your next project, or maybe your current project is ‘the one’ that gives you the recognition and results you know you’re capable of.

Maybe you’re planning on going after promotion or even a new position this year, and know you need to be able to show how good you are at what you do.

Or maybe you’re wondering “What else?” you need to know now you have all those ‘technical’ methodologies and tools.

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Who We Are

We’re Marion Thomas and Sarah Walton, both ‘veterans’ of many (many!) projects as Project Managers. With over 60 years of experience between us, our expertise is in running hairy scary projects (complex projects with major business wide impact where there is no existing roadmap of what needs to be done.) Over the years we’ve encountered all the common project management issues from inheriting bad business cases, over ambitious targets, unengaged stakeholders and ridiculously short time scales. But every time we’ve delivered. We’ve learned that it’s never about what it says ‘on paper’ but what happens every day that makes a difference.

We see a difference between being an ordinary project manager and an extraordinary one who gets great results, projects and promotions. And while we know technical qualifications help, we also know there is definitely a lot more to becoming an Extraordinary Project Manager.

If you already know there’s more to running a great project that it looking good in a plan, you already understand where we’re coming from. It’s all those ‘other skills’ that can come from experience, but can also be taught, that make the biggest difference to projects being successful. And we’d like to talk you through them so you know what they are, and can work on them this year.

Here’s our project plan for AN HOUR ONLINE with you


  • The 5 elements of Extraordinary Project Management
  • How to develop your own potential and understand more about who you are and how you like to work – so you know what extraordinary looks like for you
  • The people skills and leadership approach that make an Extraordinary Project Manager
  • How being an Extraordinary Project Manager will help you get the projects you want

We’ll also let you know a little bit more about our Extraordinary Project Management mastery programme where we work closely and in depth with you on those 5 elements over 5 months (while collecting those all important CPD points) so you can get ‘qualified’ to be extraordinary in 2020.

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