Why is the Extraordinary PM Mastery Programme important?

There is a plethora of technical methodology-based training courses for people working in projects. Very few provide practical focus on the leadership and people skills essential for project managers.

This framework and mastery programme was developed to fill a gap in capability in the project management community that had become evident during the decades of delivery experience acquired by the Directors of Gold Heron Limited. During the development of the concepts and material various senior members of the Association for Project Management were consulted and all confirmed this course will complement the more technical project and programme management courses that focus on methodology.

The course is designed for busy project managers and therefore can be run outside the working day.

The course is delivered over a period of months to encourage participants to experiment with the tools and techniques discussed. The course is delivered within teaching pods that enables the participants to share and learn from each other’s experience and we mentor them through this process.

What skills are taught and why are they needed?

This course both hones existing project management skills and provides tools and techniques that are used in other leadership and people skills courses.

The innovation this course brings is the framework in which these skills and approaches are applied. The course provides a more holistic approach to leading and delivery projects and programmes within organisations and encourages participants to apply the framework we teach through experiential learning back in the workplace.

The 5Ts of Extraordinary PM provides a framework to heighten awareness of the demands on project managers and to allow them to make intentional choices about how and when to utilise the practical techniques shared on the programme.

Does this course align to a specific regulator or professional body, if so which one?

No the programme can be applied to any project manager regardless of type of project or industry sector, but the course references the Body of Knowledge of the Association for Project Management (APM) and also Prince2 and Agile methodologies.

Who is the course designed for?

People who work on projects and want to master the leadership and people skills needed to deliver or sponsor successful projects.  The programme is not specific for any  industry, function or type of project the tools and techniques explored can be applied to any role on any project.

There is no required level of seniority as people working on projects can be leaders at any level and everybody needs to be able to manage their Tribe of people. However, this is course is not suitable for a complete beginner as it is a mastery programme building on existing knowledge and skills.