The 5 Ts of Extraordinary PM

This is the framework at the core of the Extraordinary Project Management mastery programme. 

This programme has been accredited to provide 35 CPD points and runs over a period of 5 months.

            Extraordinary Project Management Mastery Programme
                                                            35 CPD points

The 5Ts are:

  1. Target 

  2. Terrain 

  3. Tribe 

  4. Time mastery 

  5. Taking care of yourself (TCOY)

Each “T” forms a module of EPM, but the true power of the framework is to understand and be able to work with their interconnectivity.

Target – Targets are described as outcomes, are made tangible, can be written down, viewed from all perspectives and have a ‘Big Why’ attached to them. EPMs explore the target, make sure the people in their Tribe really get it, and then keep that Target in their sights constantly whilst they progress through their project work. EPMs have their Target in mind when choosing priorities, managing Time, building their Tribe, and considering the direction they will take across the Terrain of their project.

Terrain –  EPMs plan their work like a runner plans a marathon. They know that the Tribe that they are running the course of their project with will need different types of support at different stages. They consider where the tough, sticky or uphill stretches will be, where refreshment and rejuvenation will be necessary, the risks they might face, and they have strategies to deal with the expected and unexpected during their project journey. They know what their Target destination looks like and they know how to get their Tribe to that destination.

Tribe – EPMs build connection around a shared goal and engage people in delivering what’s needed whether it is getting actions completed, risks under control, or the latest widget or innovative piece of technology being delivered. EPMs believe in what they are striving to achieve and the difference they are focused on making. They lead and make change happen and their project colleagues are inspired to step up and be more effective too. Their influence as a role model is wider than the team they manage or are part of, their impact is measurable and is noticed.

Time Mastery – EPMs get the best from the very precious and limited time available to them and their Tribe. They know how to optimise their productivity, how to focus where their attention has the greatest effect, and how to help those around them do likewise. They can see the bigger picture whilst honing in on the detail in order to help them juggle, balance and prioritise within the time available to reach the Target they are striving to achieve.

Taking Care of Yourself – EPMs Take Care of Themselves to ensure they are able to be at their best to lead and deliver. Taking care of themselves takes many forms ranging from standing firm in their values, moderating their levels of stretch and stress, managing their stakeholders and sponsors, ensuring they have the support network they need, balancing work and life, taking care of their personal goals, aspirations and self-fulfilment….especially when the going gets tough.

Watch our 5Ts Overview Webinar and have a go at a simple but effective exercise that could help you develop your support network using this workbook – click to download

You can read more about the Extraordinary Project Management Programme but if you feel the time is right for you to explore whether the Mastery Programme is for you in the coming year then we’d be happy to talk this through with you. 


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