EPM for corporates

The Extraordinary Project Management Framework is particularly powerful when implemented across an existing project or programme team within a business.

We tailor the original programme to align with the specific needs of the organisation and adapt the delivery to meet the needs of the client and participants alike. For example we can blend face-to-face workshops and videoconference sessions which can be particularly helpful where teams are spread across several geographical locations.

We do encourage our corporate clients to spread the course over a period of time to enable the ideas and tools to be put into practice gradually and for the project teams to expand their skills confidently.  Our focus remains on implementing the learning as the programme unfolds – this is not one of those courses that sits in a folder gathering dust on an office shelf!

The programme has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office and provides 35 CPD points (hours).

Extraordinary Project Management Mastery Programme

35 CPD points

Contact us at info@extraordinarypm.com to arrange a call to explore what could be possible to meet your needs.