Do you stand out from the crowd?

What will differentiate you from the other project managers?

Through our collective decades of leading projects and programmes we have learnt that common sense is not that common and too many people seem unable to ‘find their way out of the paper bag.’

The one thing that sets aside a GREAT project manager from the ‘also ran’ is their ability to engage with people and be an effective leader. After all it is people who deliver change, not methodologies….although they do matter.

Our experience continues to be confirmed by various studies and reports.

“The PM of the future will be valued above all for creativity, flexibility, agility, emotional intelligence and alignment with their businesses’ or organisation’s strategic goals” says the Axelos survey.

“More than five million people are employed in PM roles across the UK. It’s claimed this number is set to increase dramatically over the next 10 years as the role moves from being a specialist discipline to a generalist business skill”.

“For full-time PMs who are able to skill up and bring agility, creativity and flexibility to projects, the rewards will be great: “They will benefit from higher earnings as they tap into the gig economy, while professionals who can drive the strategic organisational vision and achieve business transformation will be rewarded with senior management roles and even welcomed onto the board,”

“However, the study found that many PMs feel that they currently lack the strategic skills and vision required to accelerate their career. Ninety per cent admitted that they need to be better at understanding and aligning themselves with their organisation’s strategic vision and goals.”

How will you learn to stand out from the crowd?

Investing in your personal development and stretching and growing your leadership skills will have a proven impact on your skills as a project manager.

More information about the Axelos study can be found here