Becoming a Professional Interim isn’t scary

I am often asked how I summoned up the courage to make the choice to leave 16 years of secure employment and great career development in what was then a FTSE100 company and take the plunge to become a Professional Interim. Well, I will be honest that a small cushion of savings and a little redundancy pot helped but the transition felt very natural. It did not feel like I was throwing myself out of a plane at 16,000ft, swimming with the sharks or setting off to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat. It was a few simple steps, one in front of the other.

Becoming a Professional Interim isn’t for everybody but I’ll explain why I made the leap. When I looked at my career I had moved from one role to another approximately every 18-24 months and each had brought something new to learn, a degree of discomfort when I worried if I would be good enough and new relationships and energy to thrive and grow from. I realised that I treated every role as a project and had to work out where we were, where we needed to get to and how we were going to get there – simple really.

So what could be that different moving from one client to another delivering project after project?

The mechanics. Setting up a Limited company, insurances, tax, VAT and National Insurance are just mechanics with rules, and there are many experts that will take care of this stuff – it’s just stuff. OK, so it is important stuff, and keeping an eye on your cash flow matters, but you just need to be calm and sensible and it is easy. Don’t go crazy hiring offices, designing brands, doing massive PR – feel your way into your new world and discover what’s there first.

So the big scary elephant in the room is how to find ‘that first assignment’. The internet gives you access to so many roles and so many agencies and this works in both directions – it also gives the recruiters access to hundreds, even thousands, of people. So how will you stand out from the crowd? A good CV will help and the courage to be authentic and clear about what you really bring is a must but the thing that will make the biggest difference for you, as it does for me, is the relationships we have with people.

When we really pause to think, we often have a network far larger than we imagine and we know many people who are actually honoured that we seek their advice or help… so use them. And you will discover, like I have, that there are really good people out there who will see you as a person and not just an ID on a database and who will help you on your journey. Reach out to them as you discover where the chemistry works for you.