Pivoting into a 2nd career in the project management world with out having to return to ‘Start”

Bridging the gap between the current career and a move into project management continues to be a challenge unless doing so as a subject matter expert who then gets the opportunity to take on a project. There are many people, particularly women, who have amazing skills and have excelled up the career ladder into various roles including Executive Assistants and operational roles in Finance and Purchasing amongst many. These talented individuals have the skills of getting on with people from all areas, skills of persuasion, delegation and collaboration, problem solving, being practical….and many more which have been developed and honed.

The problem that many face is that they find they can’t move sideways into project management as they don’t have the experience needed.  The typical project methodology courses are at best very dry, difficult to engage with without some experience of working in a project, and can be, at worst, a mechanical process to help you show you know the tools pass an exam so you can add the letters to your CV. I do concede that my last comment might be a bit harsh….so please forgive….but you probably do get the point which is that days of project methodology is probably not the best introduction to the project world.

We have a fabulous resource pool of talented and experienced people who know how to make change happen and how to ‘get things done’, often through quite tricky organisational terrains. It is hard to help them leverage those skills into the project word without being sent back to ‘Start’. And what makes this even worse is that the place you often are sent to as ‘Start’ is the PMO assistant where the very skills you have that would make you a fabulous project manager or work stream leader are not best matched to what you need to ‘run the Risk Log effectively’.

That’s why we have developed a one day seminar and workshop that can help you start your career pivot into project management. Have a look at Project Management Un-Packed – it could be the stepping stone you are looking for.

Project Management Unpacked

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