Are YOU an extraordinary Project Manager?

Do you stand out from the crowd?
Do you get recognition for bringing that special extra something?
Do you worry about how to find your next role, survive the next budget review, edge your income upwards, or climb the career ladder you aspire to?
What would it be like to be more successful, to feel more in control, to know you bring added value in what you do, and to reduce that project-stress feeling?
You are in the right place to find out more.

Extraordinary Project Management Programme

This is your invitation to step into your journey to Extraordinary through a focused programme of workshops and webinars that expand your skills and range. Join a group of experienced project professionals in a programme of learning and implementation that will expand your capability in the five fundamental pillars that support and sustain Extraordinary Project Management.

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We shall be running a number of programmes during 2020. Contact us to find out the details.

Come and join a great group of people on their journey to Extraordinary.

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More than methodology

Business leaders have come to realise that using proven project methodologies is simply not enough and they need people to deliver for them who bring something more.
Projects and Programmes constantly balance the tension between scope, time, resource, risk and quality……… and there are many tools and techniques that are excellent in helping us do this.
Sadly, this simply is not enough.
Projects and business need people with great leadership and people-skills and that’s what Extraordinary Project Management is all about…..helping YOU to develop YOUR leadership skills in the world of projects.
Let us share the 5 Ts of Extraordinary Project Management with you.

How we know…..

At EPM we have a track record of delivering complex and large change programmes across and a wide range of blue chip companies and public sector organisations.

We deliver through a focus on team-work, staff engagement, and collaboration. Our approach has enabled us to lead projects across a variety of sectors including supply chain, manufacturing, technology, IT, construction, security, finance, and government services.

We succeed through building engaged teams, maintaining clarity of outcomes, focusing on business and customer needs, and using a pragmatic adaptation of proven project methods.

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We take the protection of your data very seriously and can assure you we do not share it with anyone else. Our Privacy policy is here